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Choose one of your favorite pictures that you have taken yourself or own such as a family photo, your car or your pet.

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Once you select your picture, place your order and we will ship out within 2 business days.

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Now that you have ypur custom keyboard from Keyboard Creations, you can connect it to your favorite devices! If you need assistance, be sure to check out our connection guide located in the menu at the top of this page.

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Only Want One? Yes! We Can Do That.

Besides for you, we are great for...

Your Loved Ones

Never forget the family vacations, milestone birthdays and school productions that your parents and grandparents, loved and will always remember when its on a keyboard made by Custom Keyboard Shop.

Your Friends

Girls/guys night out, fishing trips and childhood memories will be immortalized when on a keyboard made by Custom Keyboard Shop.

Your Business

Our keyboards create a cordless, cohesive and uniform environment perfect for your office that everyone is guaranteed to love.